Functional Residencies

Finding a good CNS internship program, especially one that can mentor you and gather real-life experiences with real clients is not easy.

In order to be successful in starting your own practice or working in the industry, an integrative practice or other area of the integrative nutrition field you need not only clincial skills, but also business, marketing and social skills.


Jan prouds himselve to be a leader in the field and want to pass our experiences on to you to help you be successful and not repeat all the mistakes that he had to go through without sufficient training.


Practicing Nutrition is complex, starting a business even more and making it successful a whole other ball-game that you won't learn in many of the currently existing online programs.


With Functional Residencies you have the choice of joining online, in practice or a combination of both. Either way you will see real clients, learn how to do a proper nutritional assessment, intervention and follow-up as required by the BCNS for certification.


In addition to that you will learn advanced lab-testing interpretation, nutritional genomics, environmental medicine, business and marketing skills, soft skills including coaching, emotional intuition and techniques to help your future clients be successful in their work with you.


These additional skills are not required by the BCNS, but you will have a hard time being successful without them and may loose a ton of time and money.


We want to help you prevent burnout and jump-start your career as fast and smooth as possible.